Yet Another Statistics-for-Linguistics Book
2019/5/18 DRAFT

James Myers
National Chung Cheng University, Graduate Institute of Linguistics

Special features of this book:

Chapter 1: Why do linguists need statistics? [2019/2/6]

Chapter 2: Data analysis software: Excel and R [2019/2/7]

Chapter 3: Quantifying some familiar ideas: Averages and variation [2019/2/23]

Chapter 4: Probability and hypotheses [2019/3/5]

Chapter 5: Correlation and modeling [2019/3/11]

Chapter 6: Comparing two continuous variables: t tests and beyond [2019/3/18]

Chapter 7: Comparing category sizes: Chi-squared and related tests [2019/4/7]

Chapter 8: Comparing more than two continuous variables: Introduction to ANOVA [2019/4/14]

Chapter 9: More ANOVA: Repeated measures [2019/4/21]

Chapter XXX: Data exploration: Cluster analysis and related methods [not written yet]

Chapter 10: Modeling continuous variables: Multiple regression [2019/4/26]

Chapter 11: Modeling categorical variables: Logistic regression [2019/4/26]

Chapter 12: Beyond ANOVA, regression, and chi-squared: Mixed-effects modeling [2019/5/18]

Chapter 13: The future of statistics: Bayesian modeling [2019/5/18]

Statistics resources (including data files)