During the course of your writing skill development, you are becoming a writer who can write for different audience. It is a way to express yourself and communicate your thoughts. As claimed by Professor Karen-Beth Scholthof: “I’m not interested in exams. I don’t see the sense in rote memorization. I want my students to gain confidence that they have opinions and can defend their point of view.” ; the purpose of the project is to create a safe place for you to record your thougths and engage in an intellectual conversation. Although English is not your first language and you are not that comfortable using it to voice yourself, you still hold the right to write.

This project is a collaborative tandem writing between the English major students at National Chung-Cheng University and Fu-Jen Catholic University. Each of you is partnered with a keypal who you have never met, so you can feel comfortable expressing yourself without social contraints: your worries, your beliefs, your doubts, your viewpoints, your growth, or your core values. You will use your blog to share your thoughts with your faithful partner and have an in-depth discussion.