a. Get off at Chai-yi or Min-hsiung train station, then take a taxi to Chung Cheng campus. (Taxi fare currently is NT$300 and NT$150 respectively.)

b. At Chia-yi train station, you can also take a bus directly to the Chung Cheng campus. The bus stop is on the rightside as you exit the Chia-yi train station. You must buy a ticket before getting on the bus. It's about a 40 minutes' drive and the bus fare is NT$38(click for Chia-yi Bus Schedule ).



a. Nikaido Hotel 

  42, Jian-kuo Road Sec. 2, Min-hsiung, Chia-yi. Phone: 886-5-2219588. Fax 886-5-2219590

Double (twins)  NT$ 1440
Single (queen)  NT$ 1260

b. Kuangmei Hotel 

  555, Chung-hsiao Road, Chia-yi. Phone: 886-5-2788112. Fax 886-5-2787735

Double/Single (queen) NT$ 900